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There are now 47 active and vibrant sports clubs at University Of Galway. Joining and participating in a sports club will provide you with lasting memories of college life


Hello and welcome to the University of Galway Surf Club! We pride ourselves on encouraging students of every level to get into th…

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Hockey (Men)

Welcome to University of Galway Men's/Mixed Hockey. We are a lighthearted but ambitious club, competing in Men's Interva …

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Here's the link to our short promo video - give it a watch! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWNlAEA0NGo

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Welcome to the Archery Club. This year, we have not only become the strongest University club in the country in terms of performan…

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GAA - Hurling

NUIG has a proud tradition of being a competitive college in the sport of hurling. It caters for every hurler. From junior up to s…

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Soccer (Women)

University of Galway Women's Soccer Club

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Fun and competitive sport with an incredible atmosphere and community. Perfect chance to try out something new and exciting in co …

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Welcome to the University of Galway Volleyball club! The University Galway Volleyball club has been an integral part of Galway Uni …

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