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There are now 47 active and vibrant sports clubs at University Of Galway. Joining and participating in a sports club will provide you with lasting memories of college life


University of Galway's biggest club. University of Galway's most successful club. Welcome to University of Galway Boat …

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Welcome to University of Galway Weightlifting! Set up in 2016, we aim to introduce the sport of Olympic Weightlifting, commonly kn …

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Here's the link to our short promo video - give it a watch! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWNlAEA0NGo

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Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo-jutsu is a modern interpretation of Okinawa's historic combative-like disciplines. A completely systemati …

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Pool and Snooker

The University of Galway is one of Ireland's top college Pool and Snooker Club teams, with successes in both inter-college and …

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Welcome to the University of Galway Volleyball club! The University Galway Volleyball club has been an integral part of Galway Uni …

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Sports Unit

As we all know COVID-19 has changed the world but we wonÒ€ℒt let that stop you joining a club! Thanks to the hard work of our …

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Swimming & Waterpolo

The University of Galway Swimming, Waterpolo, and Lifesaving Club caters to all levels of swimmers, from those learning to swim to …

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