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There are now over 45 active and vibrant sports clubs at University Of Galway. Joining and participating in a sports club will provide you with lasting memories of college life. Active participation in sport keeps you healthy and gives you a great social outlet. So make the effort and join a club - you'll be glad you did!

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Welcome to the Archery Club. This year, we have not only become the strongest University club in the country in terms of performan…

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Athletics is a fun way to stay in shape, meet new people and show your competitive side. Whether you are a beginner or elite, our …

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Hello and welcome to one of Univerisity of Galway's largest clubs. With 12 pristine Badminton courts available in the sports hall …

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Welcome to the Basketball Club here at the University of Galway. If our virtual booth is not open for your questions today, ple …

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Boxing is one of the oldest traditional Olympic sports, dating back to 688 BC. The sport of amateur boxing as we know it came int…

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Cricket is a field game played between two teams. One team bats first, whilst the other bowls/fields, and once their innings is ov…

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NUIG equestrian clubs has something for everyone interested in horses including dressage, show jumping, prix caprilli and student …

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Fencing is the sport of fighting with blades. Olympic or competitive fencing is divided into three weapon categories: -Foil -Sabre…

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Fun and competitive sport with an incredible atmosphere and community. Perfect chance to try out something new and exciting in co …

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GAA - Camogie

University of Galway Camogie Club currently fields two teams - our first team competes in the Purcell Cup and our second team comp …

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GAA - Gaelic Football (Ladies)

NUI Galway Ladies football club is on the strongest most vibrant clubs in the college. Ladies football represents one of the faste…

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GAA - Gaelic Football (Mens)

The above picture is of the University of Galway Sigerson Team for the year 2021/ 2020 as they lined out before playing DCU in the …

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GAA - Hurling

NUIG has a proud tradition of being a competitive college in the sport of hurling. It caters for every hurler. From junior up to s…

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The Golf Club is looking to involve all levels of golfers, from social golfers to seasoned players, so whatever your standard of g…

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NUI Galway has had a great last couple of years so there's no better time to join. We aim to promote a friendly environment where …

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Hockey (Men)

Welcome to University of Galway Men's/Mixed Hockey. We are a lighthearted but ambitious club, competing in Men's Intervars …

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Hockey (Women)

Welcome to University of Galway Ladies Hockey!

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The University of Galway Judo Club was founded in 1965. We are the oldest and most successful martial arts club at the University …

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Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo-jutsu is a modern interpretation of Okinawa's historic combative-like disciplines. A completely systemati …

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The University of Galway Kayak Club aims to introduce students and staff to the sport of canoeing and kayaking, and caters for eve…

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We are the University of Galway Lacrosse Team! We play women's style 6s and field, but all players of any gender are welcome …

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The University of Galway Mountaineering Club is actively involved in Hiking, Rock Climbing, Walking & Mountain Navigation Skil…

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Muay Thai
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Multi Sport Club

The Multi Sport Club is for any student or staff member who would like to become or remain physically active through a range of di …

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Pool and Snooker

The University of Galway is one of Ireland's top college Pool and Snooker Club teams, with successes in both inter-college and …

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University of Galway's biggest club. University of Galway's most successful club. Welcome to University of Galway Boat Cl …

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Rugby (Men & Women)

Ollscoil na Gaillimhe (University of Galway) has a long and proud history of rugby in Galway. Since co-founding the IRFU in 1874 t …

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The University of Galway Sailing Club is one of the most exciting clubs in University of Galway. The club is over 30 years old and…

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Snow Sports

Welcome to N.U.I Galways SnowSports club, one of the largest SnowSports club in Ireland. We run an annual Ski and Snowboarding tri …

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Soccer (Mens)

University of Galway Mens Soccer Club. New members are very welcome. Please see below information on all of our competitive teams …

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Soccer (Women)

University of Galway Women's Soccer Club

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Sports Unit

As we all know COVID-19 has changed the world but we won’t let that stop you joining a club! Thanks to the hard work of our …

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Welcome to University of Galway Squash Club Page

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Here's the link to our short promo video - give it a watch!

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Hello and welcome to the University of Galway Surf Club! We pride ourselves on encouraging students of every level to get into th…

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Swimming & Waterpolo

The University of Galway Swimming, Waterpolo, and Lifesaving club caters for all levels of swimmers, from those learning to swim, …

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Table Tennis

Table Tennis, a sport enjoyed by young and old so there is every reason to come down and join in the fun with everyone in the club …

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Tae Kwon Do

The University of Galway TaeKwon-Do Club celebrated it's 30th year as a University club in 2023/24. We are a member of Taekwo …

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The tennis club in NUIG has been growing progressively over the past number of years. All levels from complete beginners to passio…

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Welcome to the University of Galway Volleyball club! The University Galway Volleyball club has been an integral part of Galway Uni …

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Welcome to University of Galway Weightlifting! Set up in 2016, we aim to introduce the sport of Olympic Weightlifting, commonly kn …

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Hello and welcome to the University of Galway Windsurfing Club! The club caters to anyone interested in trying out this super fun …

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